CSU Vedavyas Campus Library
Central Sanskrit University, Vedavyas Campus
Balahar,Tehsil-Dehra,Distt-Kangra-177108 Himachal Pradesh

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About Library

Vedavyas Campus Library which is the heart of Institute was established in 1997. It provides one of the important academic services to the Institute. It is well-equipped, centrally air-conditioned and equipped with computer and communication network houses library, centrally located with easy access and does provide right impetus for the intellectual growth of the students, teachers, research scholars & other around. Presently, the Library is a part of the Academic building & having around 27000 collections of documents of both print & non print materials.

It was established in the year 1997

Aims and Objectives
To provide the quality services to the library users.
To provide opportunity, ensuring freedom and equal access to information for all members of the community.
To acquire, organise and update the library collection to support teaching learning process.
To provide instruction and assistance in the effective use of learning resources and services.
To co-operate with other campus libraries for resource sharing and networking.

Library Rules: 1. The bonafide members like students, researchers, staff and faculty of the Campus are allowed to use the
2. Members to show their Identity Card as and when demanded by the Library Staff.
3. Bags, umbrellas, tiffin boxes and other personal books and belongings to be kept in the rack at entrance.
4. Sign the register kept at the entrance while entering the library.
5. Keep your mobile phones on silent mode while entering the library. Talking on mobile is not permissible in
the library.
6. Silence shall be strictly observed in the Library.
7. The borrower is required to examine the books at the time of receiving them. The last borrower will be
held responsible for any damage.
8. The readers found creating noise and misbehaving with the Library Staff will be prohibited from using the
9. Members are free to browse through the books. Books taken out of the shelves should be left on reading
10. Readers should not mark underline, write, tear pages or damage the library documents.
11. Smoking, eating, sleeping and talking loudly are strictly prohibited in the library.
12. Newspapers and magazines to be read only in the library on specific tables.
13. No library material can be taken out of the library without permission.
14. Do not keep personal belongings like money, jewelry, laptop and pen drive in the property counter.
15. Library staff is not responsible for any lost or stolen property.
16. If any publication is lost or disfigured or if any page of picture is removed by the readers, he/she will
be required to replace it by a new copy/latest edition. If readers fail to do so, reader will be required
to pay the present cost of the materials and also pay the fine as per rules. If books are out of print
(with publishers proof) than reader will pay triple cost of the book with late fees. The decision of the
authority shall be final in case of controversy.
17. Readers not obeying following library rules shall be asked to leave the library.
18. Failure to comply with any of the above may result in revocation of library membership and/or privileges.

The Assistant librarian, with the approval of the library committee, reserves the right to add, delete, alter or modify any of the above rules as and when essential.

Timing: Mon-Fri. 9:30 Am to 6:00 Pm

Contact Details

CSU Vedavyas Campus Library


Balahar,Tehsil-Dehra,Distt-Kangra-177108 Himachal Pradesh


Himanchal Pradesh

Email: library[dot]csukangra[at]gmail[dot]com


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